• The School of One

    The School of One is dedicated to producing successful graduates by offering a differentiated, individualized, online educational experience embedded with academic, social and emotional services necessary to ensure college and career readiness. Students are a part of a non-traditional educational team where they attend one of eight District sites – each with a flexible schedule and no more than 20 students per session. Students are assigned to an educator that is dedicated to their progress toward fulfilling graduation requirements.

    The School of One sites: Collinwood High School, East Tech Campus, Glenville Campus, Rhodes Campus, John Adams Campus, Lincoln-West Campus and John Marshall Campus. The eighth site is at The Foundry, Cleveland’s Community Rowing and Sailing Center, which requires physical activity and includes employment opportunities. And our ninth site is located inside the LGBT Community Center in Gordon Square. 

    Our staff works collaboratively with students to identify academic needs, areas of interest and barriers that may limit success. Teachers and students collaborate to develop an educational plan to create a new path to academic and personal success, and flexible scheduling allows students to take college courses through Tri-C. Formal graduation takes place three times a year, allowing students to immediately begin their path to college and career.

    Find more information on The School of One website.