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  • Building Update Presentation Sept. 28, 2022
  • Spring Update on Clark PreK-8 School Construction

    The former Clark PreK-8 School and annex have been demolished.  The construction team is preparing the site for foundations and utilities.  Once this has been accomplished, several contractors will be busy performing the following work:

    • Concrete layout
    • Masonry layout and block installation 
    • Interior prep and painting of exterior steel which includes installing exterior studs
    • Plumbing layout and installing hangers for the new plumbing system
    • HVAC layout and installing hangers for the new HVAC system, and
    • Electrical and Technology layout and installing conduit

    The Design Build Team will continue to maintain the site.

    If you have questions regarding the work ongoing at the site or have a security concern, please continue to submit questions or concerns to the Site Superintendent Rick Sias at 216/536-8337.

    Project Introduction Narrative

    Clark Elementary School is located in the Clark-Fulton neighborhood of Cleveland, and serves over 600 students from Pre-K through 8th Grade.

    The current 55,000-sf school sits on a 5-acre block on Clark Avenue between W. 53rd and W. 56th Streets, and south of Train Avenue. Clark Avenue is a busy corridor which supports access to Cleveland's west side neighborhoods, businesses and institutions.

    The current school has a main building and neighboring annex. The main building features a large atrium ringed with classrooms. This serves as a hub for students and allows for daylight to reach all classrooms. It has colorful murals painted throughout which breathe life into the space and its occupants. The annex building is located close to Clark Avenue and is used for student activities.

    In early 2022 design began for a NEW Clark School which is part of CMSDs Segment 8 of the District’s school modernization program.

    The new 86,000-sf school will provide a modern, accessible educational environment for Clark students. Streamlined technology infrastructure coupled with collaborative educational spaces will be supported with a state-of-the-art media center, a dedicated Pre-K play area, an engaging student dining space with connections to outdoor play areas, and a gymnasium equipped with age-appropriate athletic equipment.

    Since the site is located in a dense urban environment, planning for the new building includes designing traffic flow during drop-off and dismissal times so students are safe, and establishing a greater presence for the school along Clark Avenue.

    Carrying on its tradition of excellence, the school will provide a new learning environment, upgraded technology and an overall better experience for students and educators in support of their educational excellence. 



    Clark maintains strong community relationships, is on a primary RTA bus route and the regional Redline Greenway. It is within walking distance from a variety of local businesses and organizations, including the Clark Recreation Center on the next block to the west.

    Clark Elementary School is committed to challenging students to succeed and grow while offering them the nurturing and support they need. Emphasizing strong relationships between families and teachers ensures students’ individualized needs are met.

    Clark encourages students to develop teamwork and leadership skills through extracurricular activities including baseball, track, cheerleading and a variety of clubs. CMSD also aims to make parents and caregivers an integral part of the Clark community through parent-student events and parenting support groups.

    For the large population of English Language Learners (ELLs), Clark has in-classroom services including bilingual aides. Clark also employs nine special education teachers for students with special needs and disabilities.


    Mission Statement

    Clark PreK-8 School is committed to high standards and expectations. The Clark School Team works together to provide skills, knowledge and resources, to ensure a fully supportive environment for excellence in education for all students. We tirelessly strive to prepare our students to become self-directed, curious, lifelong learners who are adaptable critical thinkers and globally responsible citizens.


    District Contact Info

    Principal: Amanda Rodriguez
    Phone: 216-838-7300
    Hours of Operation: 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


    Executive Director, Architectural Services: Hollie Dellisanti