• Out of School Time/Expanded Learning

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    High-quality Out of School Time/Expanded Learning programs, operated with help from community organizations, give students a chance to thrive in their chosen interests.

    CMSD offers programs after school, at every school, during the school year and at select schools during the Summer Learning Experience.

     Expanded learning offers young people and their families:

    • Academic support
    • Enrichment
    • Recreation

    The after-school programming helps CMSD scholars:

    • Achieve in the classroom
    • Connect with caring adult mentors and friends
    • Get help with homework
    • Feel well physically and mentally

    The evidence is clear that attending a high-quality OST/Expanded Learning program is beneficial to students’ success.   

    “[During this pandemic] scholars didn’t lose the ability to learn, they lost time.” 

    – Eric Gordon, CMSD CEO


    Highlights from the Afterschool Alliance’s study "America After 3pm"

    Surveys suggest high connection with important benefits, when self-reported.

    Kids in afterschool enjoy a wide range of benefits
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    Interacting with peers and building social skills
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    Taking part in physical activity
    STEM icon
    Engaging in STEM learning


    Parents also cite positive outcomes for them when their child is enrolled in a high-quality OST/Expanded Learning program.

    Parents with kids in afterschool benefit too
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    Gives working parents peace of mind
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    Keeps their kids safe
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    Helps working parents keep their jobs


    Why now?

    The Covid-19 pandemic impacted scholars’ ability to connect, with their teachers, their school services, and each-other.  It also led to a dramatic drop in participation in any afterschool activities.

    For the first time in more than a decade, the number of kids in after school programs decreased


    The effects were deeply felt by lower income communities:

    The number of children from low-income households participating in after school fell by nearly 2 million children.


    This means that there is no better time to enroll your student in an OST program—discuss with your Family Support Specialist now.


    See the full report from the Afterschool Alliance here.