• An Overview of an Academic Support Program

    Academic, personal and professional support is essential to high school success. The office of Interscholastic Athletics and Student Activities has developed an outstanding support program, which enables student athletes to reach their full academic potential.

    The primary focus of the Athletic Academic Support Program is to provide an environment, which facilitates the academic success of each student athlete. Student athlete’s success is accomplished through competent academic counseling, study skills development, individualized assessment and support and a wide array of tutorial services.

    Our philosophy is to offer an academic support program integrated with the vision of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District that will assist all student athletes with the transition into college and provide continued support in all phases of academic and professional development, culminating with graduation, and job placement.

    Our program will operate on a "proactive" rather than "reactive" approach. We stay informed on the daily progress of the student athletes through consistent communication with our athletic directors and coaches.

    A wide variety of experiences increase the learning achievement of a child. These experiences contribute to the development of learning skills and emotional patterns that enable students to make maximum use of their education and prepares them for living in a multicultural, and diverse, global society, creating a pathway to their future.