• Science Education

    Science Education


    The Cleveland Metropolitan School District shall provide a rigorous, inquiry-based, and integrated curriculum empowering all student to become independent, scientifically-literate thinkers who successfully compete in the global workforce.


    The Cleveland Metropolitan School District will mobilize the wealth of resources in Northeast Ohio to deliver exemplary science education that produces students passionate about the natural world.





    Dr. Terri Wade-Lyles Ed.D
    Curriculum and Instruction Manager Science Education, Grades K-8
    Office: 216.838.0295 | Cell:216-256-3717 |  Email


    Kirsten Mahovlich 
    Curriculum and Instruction Manager, Science Education Grades 8-12
    Office: 216.838.0294 | Cell: 216-849-8070 | Email




    The New Learning Standards in Science Education

    Ohio Science Standards
    In 2013-14 the State Board of Education adopted new learning standards in science education as the groundwork for a more rigorous curriculum. The new learning standards were fully implemented in CMSD classrooms in the 2014-15 academic school year.