• Connect with the Office of the CEO

    Administrative Support

    Krista EvansExecutive Assistant to the CEO
    Provides administrative support to the CEO.
    Email  |  Office: 216.838.0023

    Tammara HillAdministrative Assistant to the CEO 
    Provides administrative support to the Chief Executive Office and assists with CEO special initiatives/projects.
    Email |  Office: 216.838.0024

    Shawna LeaksScheduling Manager to the CEO
    Maintains, manages scheduling and coordinates calendar requests.
    Email |  Office: 216.838.0097

    Executive Support

    Karen Thompson, Chief of Staff
    Provides executive level support to the CEO, coordinates and leads CEO's special projects, strategic priorities & initiatives, responsible for oversight of the CEO office staff.
    Email |  Office: 216.838.0022
    Shirrell R. Greene, MA, Director of Customer Experience
    Manages the Welcome Center, Communicate with HEART, Customer Care Center and Ombudsman's Office. 
    Email |  Office: 216.838.0028
    Marcy Levy Shankman, Ph.D., Leadership Coach & Strategist to the CEO
    Provides individual leadership coaching to the Chiefs. Also, offers support and leadership training to increase team effectiveness for the Senior Leadership Team and Chiefs.  
    Email  |  Office: 216.838.0026

    Leo Serrano, Executive Director of the Office of Institutional Advancement
    Email  |  Office:216.838.0025  



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