• Requests for Proposals and Bids

    CMSD is not responsible for any alterations to the attached documents, whether as the result of transmission errors or alteration by any recipient. In case of any discrepancy between the content of the original Request for Proposal, including Specifications, Instructions, and Proposal Forms, on file with the District, any documents submitted in response to this Request for Proposal, the original document on file shall control. It is the responsibility of the Proposer/Bidder to determine the accuracy and completeness of documents received via any electronic transmission. Responses containing discrepancies from the original District documentation may be found non-responsive and rejected.

    NOTE:  Suppliers are advised that until the RFP or ITB due date, all posted RFPs or ITBs are subject to amendment through Addendum posting on this webpage. It is the vendor's responsibility to check this site often throughout the process for updated information.

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