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    Partnerships are vital to enriching our scholars’ academic experiences and providing personal and professional support.  CMSD values the many collaborative partnerships with community organizations, government, and the business sector that support student success. The Office of Family and Community Engagement champions’ student achievement by cultivating and maintaining supportive partnerships between schools and the Cleveland community. 

    CMSD has many established school programs that your organization can become a part of. Or, if you have an inspired idea, we can help you navigate the Cleveland Metropolitan Schools infrastructure. 

  • Partnerships with CMSD can take many forms:

    • In School Programs - Drug awareness, self-esteem building, financial literacy, vocational learning
    • After School Programs - Art, chess, choir, dance, theatre, adult mentoring, internships, athletics, tutoring
    • Incentive Programs - For the following content areas: attendance, reading, writing, science, math, citizenship
    • Events - Festivals, field trips, sporting events, circus events, picnics
    • Other - Summer programs, summer camps, jobs


    Different Types of Partnerships:

    In-Kind partners: Community based organizations that provides a service to schools at no cost (e.g. grant funded). In-Kind partners must complete the Student Quality Standards Form(SQS) before they can begin working in the school. Once the SQS form is complete you will get a response within 10 business days with next steps. Please contact Lisa Baskin Naylor in the Family and Community Engagement Office for additional information.

    Contracted partners: a person or company offering services for sale to the school district or an individual school. Please contact Pamela Scott in the Academic Resources Department to learn more about contracting with CMSD.

    Volunteers: Individuals, or groups (business, church, volunteer run organizations) that provide services to schools where the members of the volunteer group are not being compensated. Click here to learn more about volunteering with CMSD.


    To discuss ways you can support the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, please contact:

    Leo Serrano

    Executive Director, Office of Institutional Advancement
    Cleveland Metropolitan School District
    1111 Superior Ave E, Suite 1800
    Cleveland, Ohio 44114
    Phone: 216.838.0025
    Fax: 216.426.5144

    Zerrine Bailey

    Humanware Partner, Humanware Department - Social Emotional Learning
    Cleveland Metropolitan School District
    1111 Superior E - 17th Floor
    Cleveland, Ohio 44114

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