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Vol. 22: State Report Card

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State Report Card

On Thursday, September 14th, the State Department of Education released Ohio's school district report cards. The Cleveland Metropolitan School Districts's (CMSD) report card shows significant growth in multiple areas, and highlights areas in which CMSD can improve.
CMSD is making strides in K-3 literacy, with twice as many students moving from off-track to on-track than the previous year. This raised CMSD's grade in this category from an F to a C. 

Students in grades 4-8 are exhibiting significant improvements on English and Math exams. Gains in several of these grade levels are higher than estimated state averages. This shows that CMSD is growing at a faster rate than other school districts in this area. 

Another area of improvement for CMSD is the high school graduation rate; 71.9% of high school seniors graduated, a district record high. Over the past six years, CMSD's graduation rate has increased 19.7%. These improvements come at a time when academic standards are increasing, and state tests are becoming more difficult.

Since the enactment of the Cleveland Plan legislation of 2012, CMSD's report card has improved every year. The goal of the Cleveland Plan is to ensure that every in child in Cleveland attends a high quality school and that every neighborhood in our city has a multitude of great schools from which families can choose. We are confident that the gains being made will be sustained, and that every student in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District will receive a quality education.

Photos Courtesy of the George Gund Foundation. 


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