• Arts Education

  • The Department of Arts Education (DAE) achieves its mission to provide high quality arts curriculum and services through arts, classroom instructional support, and the All-City Arts Program. Over 40 Greater Cleveland arts and cultural partners also help deliver arts instruction.

    The DAE supports all CMSD students to receive a rich, experiential education in dance, drama/theater, music, and the visual arts as an ongoing part of a comprehensive PreK-12 curriculum.
  • About Us

    All City Dance DAE programs and services capture student interest and develop their arts skills and abilities through two major approaches to arts education:

    •  Learning in the arts. Students learn through age appropriate, sequential instruction in the arts including, arts skills and techniques development, aesthetics, history of the chosen art form and performing or exhibiting artwork.
    •  Learning through the arts or arts integration. This approach integrates arts instruction and attendance at events, performances, and exhibits with the study of core academic subjects.

    These two approaches enhance overall student engagement and learning in general and ensure rigorous training and preparation for those students who want to pursue post-secondary study in the arts.


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