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    Program Overview

    case The DoIT Adopt-A-School program represents a tremendous opportunity to positively affect the lives of students and parents of CASE Elementary. The program goals are to help raise the level of academic achievement at CASE Elementary and   provide appropriate support to teachers, staff, and parents. Many advocates of education envision that a failure to provide a quality education will negatively affect the future of our country. The DoIT Adopt-A-School program offers donors, volunteers and community activists the opportunity to engage in meaningful education and support activities for CASE Elementary. Students benefit from receiving additional academic support, incentive awards for excellence, mentorship, social and educational event opportunities, and inspiring adult motivation. 


Tutoring (In Hrs)

IT employees have conducted over 200+ hours of in classroom tutoring (reading focus)


Raised nearly $65,000 from donors to support the purchase of new computer technology, support for student and teacher events, and other academic program

Technology Donation

Received an equipment donation from Cisco System in the amount of $113,822 to support the expansion of CASE Elementary's wireless network


  • Adopt-A-School Support Opportunities 
    There are several program support opportunities for donors, community activists and volunteers to participate. These opportunities are referenced herein and not limited to those that are listed. Interested donors may also visit: www.donorschoose.org to provide support for CASE Elementary’s teaching staff classroom initiatives. If you have questions regarding our support opportunities, please email us at DoITadoptaschool@clevelandmetroschools.org.
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    School Profile: CASE Elementary
    4012 Superior Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44103 | call : (216) 838-1354  
    case CASE Elementary is located in an area of Cleveland, Ohio serving a minority community that is predominantly African-American. The residents, for the most part, are low income. CASE is a preK-8 school consisting of pre-kindergarten through 8th-grade programs servicing 337 students, of which 1% are Hispanic and 84.3% African-American. Three percent (3%) of the students are English Language Learners and no students are considered migrant students. One Hundred percent (100%) of CASE’s students receive free/reduced price meals under the Federal School Lunch program.