• Professional Development


    Much of your professional development support will happen at your school site. There are other Districtwide professional development activities, many of which are held at East Professional Center, often referred to simply as “East.”

    The Office of Professional Development is located in room 220. The Office of Professional Development promotes teacher growth and development in order to support effective teaching practices and in turn positively impact student learning. We believe in engaging teachers as drivers of their professional growth.

    Please be sure to familiarize yourself with the PD website https://www.clevelandmetroschools.org/pd. Here, you will find a catalog with the professional development listings. There is also a page dedicated to new and entry year teachers.

    This is also where you can find information regarding proctored assessments such as ParaPro, OTES, OPES and Cress.


    East Professional Center

    1349 East 79th Street Room 220
    Cleveland, OH 44103
    Dr. Jacquinette Brown, Director | Jacquinette.Brown@ClevelandMetroSchools.org


    Other Required Training – PublicSchoolWORKS

    The Cleveland Metropolitan School District has secured the services of PublicSchoolWORKS. The agency provides a complete, online safety and regulatory compliance programs for K-12 schools.

    As a new hire you will receive a request to complete some Federal, State or District required training through PublicSchoolWORKS.  Completion of all the training modules is mandatory. In addition to the initial request for completion, there are additional training modules that must be completed throughout the year.  The number and type of training modules may vary by job.  Information about how to access the modules will be provided on the request to complete the training.

    Having trouble logging in?  Please email Katie Baltas Grenig or Employee Relations.