• Customer Mediation and Resolution Steps

    All CMSD School offices are open Monday through Friday from 8 am–12 pm and from 1 pm – 4 pm for phone calls, scheduled visits, and for any school-related business. For problems, issues or concerns at the school or district level, please follow the steps below to ensure your issues are resolved.


    Resolving School-Related Issues

    Your child’s teacher, principal and school staff are best positioned to support your needs or direct you to someone who can.


    STEP #1: Email your teacher and/or school principal.

    Your child’s teacher and principal are best positioned to assist with school-related issues. Our Customer Care protocols ensure that families can expect a response within 24 hours. If it is determined a meeting is needed, the principal or his/her designee will schedule and confirm a meeting date and time with instructions on how to join them in the virtual meeting room.

    STEP #2: Call your school office.

    If you are unsuccessful in reaching your child’s teacher or principal, call the school office for support.

    STEP #3: Contact the Ombuds' Office at 216.838.0090.

    The Ombuds assists families that are unsuccessful in getting their issue resolved in Step #1 or Step #2. The Ombuds' office collaborates with families and caregivers, school staff and community partners to help resolve disputes.

    Please only use STEP #3 only when:

    • You have exhausted all efforts to resolve the issue at the building level.
    • You feel strongly that your concern or issue requires mediation.
    • You believe that a school or district policy has been violated.


    Resolution Tips for Success

    Contact the Person Directly

    Begin by sending an email request to speak with the person you disagree or have concerns with.

    Be Organized

    Prioritize a list of questions and key points of concern to share.

    Stay Calm

    Take a deep breath. Focus on the problem, not the person.

    Do Not Attack

    Stick to the facts and make your concerns clear.

    Stay Flexible

    Recognize that problems can be resolved in more than one way.

    Keep Records

    Save copies of correspondence, forms, names and dates of persons you have contacted.