CMSD Supplier Information

  • Invoice Procedures

    • For the most efficient processing, invoices should be submitted directly to
    • Include the name of the Supplier in the subject line of the email
    • Reference the purchase order/supplier contract in the body of the email. 
    • Copy the CMSD Educator that generated the purchase orders/supplier contract. This ensures the communication reaches the required approver and AP at the same time. 
    • Each approver is required to verify receipts of goods and services in Workday. 
    • Invoices that are submitted to Accounts Payable without a valid purchase order/supplier contract will be returned to the supplier to address. 
    • Checks are mailed out every Wednesday and Friday morning excluding holidays.
    • It is recommended that an updated W-9 is submitted every fiscal year to maintain accurate supplier records.
    • Call the main phone (216-838-0380) for a Sales Tax Exempt Form
  • For the most efficient processing please use the following checklist:

    • Reference the Purchase Order or Contract Number
    • Copy the CMSD educator that generated the purchase order and/or contract number.
    • Invoices that are submitted to Accounts Payable without a valid/accurate purchase order or contract number will be returned to the sender
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