• CH: Policy Implementation and Review


    The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for developing appropriate administrative regulations to implement policies adopted by the Board. All Board employees and students should follow all Board policies and regulations.

    Many activities are common to all schools, but procedures for conducting them may vary from building to building. Principals establish procedures for conducting activities in their individual schools within the larger framework of District regulations and Board policies.

    The Chief Executive Officer has the responsibility to specify required actions and designing the detailed arrangements under which the schools operate. These regulations and detailed arrangements constitute the regulations governing the school. They must be consistent with the policies adopted by the Board.

    The Chief Executive Officer devises a means for disseminating particular regulations, prior to their effective dates, to the staff members, students and/or members of the public who are directly affected by them.

    The Chief Executive Officer shall provide for a regular periodic review of all Board policies, and make recommendations to the Board for adoption of new policies or amendment of existing policies. 


    • Adopted: September 6, 2001
    • Amended: October 22, 2019

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