• Safety and Security FAQs

    Where is Safety and Security located?
    Arnold Pinkney East Professional Center
    1349 East 79th Street

    Cleveland, OH 44103 (Room 125)
    (Formerly East High School - Corner of 79th & Superior)

    What are Safety & Security hours for Background Checks and Photo ID badges?

    Background Check Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 9am-11am & 1:30pm-3:30pm(APPOINTMENTS ONLY)

    Photo ID Badges Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 9am-11am & 1:30pm-3:30pm(APPOINTMENTS ONLY)  

    Please click the appropriate link below to book your appointment

    Employee ID Badge Service Request

      Background Check Link

    What is the cost of a Background Check?

    BCI- $22.00
    FBI- $25.25
    Both BCI/FBI- $ 47.25

    What forms of payment are accepted for my Background Check?
    Money Orders/Cashiers Check-  (No cash or personal checks)

    Credit Card with a $1.00 fee 

    -Make Money Orders Payable to CMSD

    Who do I contact to determine what background check is needed?
    Human Resources Department: (216) 838-5627

    Is there a fee for a photo ID badge?
    For staff and students, the first (2) badges are free. After the second badge, there will be a $10.00 replacement fee.

    Where do I go to obtain a replacement photo ID badge?
    East Professional Center

    1349 E. 79th Street
    Cleveland, OH 44103 (Room 125) (APPOINTMENTS ONLY)

    How do I get my Photo ID activated?
    You can use the link below for badge activation.