• CMSD Safety & Security


    To End Bullying (target)

    1) Know the Bully Policy in your school; know the Bully Laws in your state (Ohio’s Bullying Laws).
    2) Don’t fight back but don’t stand by and do nothing
    3) Be Confident, walk with pride, keep your chin up
    4) If you are afraid, don’t let the bully know that; Act as if you’re not afraid
    5) Find what’s troubling you; most targets of bullying are likely to be quiet / depressed
    6) Ignore the bully; steer clear of bullies, stick with friends
    7) Tell an adult
    8) Stay calm, don’t react
    9) Agree with the facts
    10) Say STOP; walk away

    To be an UPstander (bystander)

    1) Know the Bully Policy in your school; know the Bully Laws in your state (Ohio’s Bullying Laws).
    2) Help others who are targets; befriend them
    3) Show your disapproval by not laughing or joining in
    4) Tell the bully to stop or saying “that’s not cool!”
    5) Help the target by breaking the ice / tension
    6) Get help from an adult
    7) Stop untrue or harmful messages from being spread. For example: texting, facebook, twitter, myspace
    8) Make friends outside your circle
    9) Respect others differences and help others to respect differences
    10) Ask your teacher and/or principal to develop an Anti Bully climate

    How You Can Get Involved (parent)

    1) Know the Bully Policy in your school; know the Bully Laws in your state (Ohio’s Bullying Laws).
    2) Make yourself available to the school, talk to principal, teachers, and friends.
    3) Don’t get emotional or over-react. Don’t demand a solution on the spot
    4) Talk to your children about bullying, cyber bullying, and sexting
    5) Help your child understand what bullying is and is not
    6) Teach your child to stand up against bullying but don’t encourage your child to harm the bully and don’t contact bully’s parents; school officials will do this
    7) Encourage your child to pursue their interests
    8) Keep open lines of communication
    9) Work together to find a solution, help build strategies and skills to handle bullying
    10) Document on-going bullying

    CYBERBULLYING (facebook,twitter, cell phone, etc.)

    1) Know the laws in your state
    2) Save the evidence; print out everything
    3) Do not respond
    4) Don’t retaliate
    5) Talk to a trusted adult
    6) Block the bully
    7) Do not publicize the incident, most likely it will perpetuate the incident
    8) Tell the bully to stop, if you feel safe
    9) Be civil, don’t be a bully
    10) Ignore the bully

    Bullying for Staff

    1) Know AND Post School Bully Policy and Bully Laws in your school
    2) Hold the bully responsible for his/her behavior by consequences
    3) Define clear and consistent rules
    4) Assess the bully; define needs
    5) Find help for his/her challenges
    6) Teach, model and reinforce acceptable and unacceptable behavior
    7) Accentuate, support and focus bully’s attention on his/her talents
    8) Discuss Bully’s behavior with parent and/or guardian immediately
    9) Tell the bully his/her behavior is unacceptable
    10) Don’t just suspend / expel student; use a writing assignment or school project

    Bullying at School (Principals,teachers, and administrators)

    1) Know AND Post School Bully Policy and Bully Laws in your school
    2) Make Anti Bullying important to you
    3) Create an Anti Bully climate; Anti Bully tips morning announcements, weekly newsletter, posters & bully box
    4) Train your staff in bullying prevention and information
    5) Increase adult supervision in hot spots
    6) Intervene consistently and appropriately in bullying situation
    7) Consistently discuss school climate, bullying solutions and school activities in staff meetings
    8) Consistently hold everyone accountable for inappropriate behavior
    9) Watch for signs of a bully and one being bullied
    10) Find help and support for the Bully and the Target

    Know and Obey Traffic Signals and Signs

             Stop Sign Traffic Light  Yield

    SafetyTips To and From School

    • When Walking
    • Look left, look right, and look left again before crossing the street. Cross only when the street is clear, and keep looking both ways while crossing. WALK, don’t run!
    • Know the safety rules!
    • Cross at corners, using traffic signals and crosswalks where available.
    • Do not enter the street from between parked cars or run into the street from behind bushes or shrubs.
    • Walk facing traffic, on sidewalks or paths. Walk as far to the left as possible to avoid moving vehicles if there are no sidewalks.
    • Watch for cars that are turning or backing up.

    When Riding a Bus

    • Arrive early and stay out of the street.
    • Don’t mess around and play games.
    • Enter and exit from the front of the bus.
    • Stay seated at all times and keep the aisles clear of book bags and other things.
    • Do not throw anything and do not shout or distract the driver.

    When Riding a Bike

    • Ride with traffic, not against it.
    • Ride to the right of the street but stay visible to other traffic
    • Respect traffic signals. Stop at all stop signs and red lights.
    • Stop and look left, right and left again before entering a street.
    • Look back and yield to traffic coming from behind before turning left at intersections.
    • Don’t ride when it’s dark. If riding at dusk, use lights on the bike.
    • Wear a helmet at all times.