Chief Fultz  
    Chief Fultz
     Deputy Chief Hill
    Deputy Chief Hill
    Head Staff
    (Front) Lt. Tammy Tarleton, Deputy Chief, Hill, Chief, Fultz, Lt. Debra Benton
    (Rear) Lt. Terry Wheeler, Captain, Willie Morris, Captain Lamont Dodson, Lt. James Cole
    (Front) Sgt. Kevin Oliver, Sgt. Serena Ellis, Chief Fultz, Sgt. Shenee McCoy-Gibbons, Sgt. Matthew Reutter, Sgt. Anthony Gardner
    (Rear) Sgt. Randall Bergeon, Sgt. Daniel Rivera, Sgt. Darren Hardnick, Sgt. Gregory Williams
    (Left to Right)
    Corporal, Jorge Rosario, Corporal Aretha Jones, Corporal Yusheva Martin, Corporal Johnny Sturdivan, Corporal Daniel Marzan
    PRIDE Team & Support Staff
    (Left to Right):
    PRIDE Coordinator Keyana Chandler, Security Officer Shernal Nicholson, Security Officer Victoria Yamamoto, Executive Assistant Laverne Austin,
    Support Specialist Vonita Hutchins, Support Specialist Robin Ford, Financial Specialist Nancy Pettit