•  Chief

    Chief Hill
    Deputy Chief Dodson & Captain Morris
    (Left to Right) Deputy Chief Dodson & Captain Morris
    Safety & Security Lieutenant's
    (Left to Right) Lt. Mullen, Lt. Wheeler, Lt. Benton & Lt. Rivera
    Safety & Security Sergeant's
    (Front Left to Right)  Sgt. Mason, Sgt. Ellis, Sgt. Mccoy-Gibbons
    (Back Left to Right)  Sgt. Garner, Sgt. Hardnick, Sgt. Oliver, Sgt. Bergeon, Sgt. Williams, Sgt. Onesky, Sgt. Reutter & Sgt. Ward 
    (Left to Right) Corporal Jones, Corporal Martin, Corporal Carreon, Corporal Sturdivan, Corporal Marzan & Corporal Rosario
    Front Office Staff
    (Front Left to Right)
    Support Specialist Vonita Hutchins, Dispatch Coordiantor Laquita Smith, Fiscal Specialist Angela Barnett, Pride Coordinator Keyana Chandler & Security Officer Nekoyia Bailey
    (Back Left to Right)
    Security Officer Victoria Yamamoto, Investigator Mark Mazur, Office Assistant II Bridgette Humphrey-Morris & Support Specialist Shernal Nicholson