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    Translation and Interpretation Services


    The CMSD policy for providing parents bilingual interpreter/ translation support by district employees is as follows as per Ohio Civil Rights action OCR Docket 15-08-1276: Parents in need of interpreter/translation support can also be identified on E-School Plus on the summary page and the Cle-LEP screen. Please pay close attention to both the Home and Native Language sections. If either one is not English, then an oral interpreter and/or written translation is required.

    Written translations or oral interpretation are provided by bilingual administrators, teachers, and or bilingual classified instructional aides. Parents identified on the LEP Parents Assistance Roster will be provided interpreter support during all parent conferences, IEP or ETR conferences, and parent meetings.

    Principals of Multilingual Program Schools should insure that staff assigned to the school is available to support parents during all conferences, or meetings. Principals of other schools should coordinate conferences or meetings with LEP parents, whenever possible, during dates and times itinerant bilingual instructional aides are scheduled to the school.

    All schools that need interpreters/translators of a language not spoken among the current school employees available, or do not have bilingual assigned staff at the school or office must contact the Multilingual Education Office to request the support at least 10-15 business days prior to the event.  In cases of emergency, email or call the Multilingual Office and we will make every effort to accommodate your needs. Please note that all requests, need to be submitted to our department email Multilingual@ClevelandMetroSchools.org. If you have any questions, please contact Maribelle Guzman, Translations Coordinator at 216-838-6981 or email Maribelle.Guzman@ClevelandMetroSchools.org.

    Please note that Principal, Administrator, Department Administrator signature is required on ALL forms.


    Translations & Interpretation Policy and Guidelines

    Oral Interpretation Documentation Form Used for documenting of interpretation services during ETRs, IEP, Disciplinary Proceedings, Hearings and Appeals and Pre-School Assessment Clinic: Screening Interview, Assessment, and ETR.

    Oral Interpretation Request Form Use to request any interpretation service request when multilingual staff is not available on site.

    Written Translations Request Form Use when to request a copy of the IEP, ETR. progress reports, etc. in the parent's native language.

    For more information and guidance, please contact:

    Mrs. Maribelle Guzman



    Maribelle Guzman