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    Translation and Interpretation Services


    The CMSD policy for providing parents bilingual interpreter/ translation support by district employees is as follows as per Ohio Civil Rights action OCR Docket 15-08-1276: Parents in need of interpreter/translation support can also be identified on E-School Plus on the summary page and the Cle-LEP screen. Please pay close attention to both the Home and Native Language sections. If either one is not English, then an oral interpreter and/or written translation is required.  The Multilingual Multicultural Education Department’s Translations & Interpretations Subdivision is committed to meeting the translations and interpretation needs of our multilingual families in CMSD.  All families and caregivers needing translations and interpretation services must request it through your child’s school.  Also, you may contact our Translations & Interpretations subdivision at Translations_Interpretations@ClevelandMetroSchools.org

    Please note that Principal, Administrator, Department Administrator signature is required on ALL forms.


    For more information and guidance, please contact:

    Mrs. Maribelle Guzman, Translations & Interpretations Manager



    Maribelle Guzman