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    ELL Programmatic Services



    • English as a Second Language
      Curriculum course offering specifically designed for LEP students to facilitate English language development in speaking, listening, reading and writing. Students receive differentiated instruction based on their demonstrated level of English language proficiency and grade level.
    • Bilingual Instruction
      Teaching methodology, designed to use both the native language of the students and English, to deliver instruction to ensure students comprehend grade level instructional content and skills across subjects.
    • Dual Language Program (Spanish/English)
      Native English speakers and native speakers of another language are grouped for instruction by grade levels. Interactive instruction is provided equally in both languages across core subjects with the end goal of students attaining high levels of bilingualism in both languages.
    • Newcomer Program
      Self-contained intensive individualized instructional services provided for overage refugees and immigrant students.
    • Bilingual Special Education 
      Bilingual instruction provided for LEP students also identified as eligible for Special Education Services in self-contained or inclusion settings.
    • Bilingual Tutorial Services
      Reinforcement of instructional content and skills individualized or in small groups by bilingual trained and licensed paraprofessionals at bilingual program sites and at non-bilingual sites by itinerant staff. Services are offered during the school day and after-school.
    • Sheltered English
      Students integrated with native English speaking peers and ESL certified teachers use curricula and methodologies specifically designed to promote English language skills and teaching content curricula. Bilingual tutors provide support in the native language.


    • Professional development opportunities to enhance professional practice, peer collaboration and career goals

    Parents and Community

    • Interpreter and bilingual assistance
    • Bilingual workshops and adult learning opportunities
    • Bilingual Advisory Council
    • Community partnerships and collaborations