• Performance Management

    To support the mission of attracting and retaining the highest quality professional educators, administrators, and support staff available to CMSD we have implemented four employee evaluation models. All four systems are designed to: describe priorities and performance expectations; help the employee meet those expectations; offer support and feedback to the employee; provide opportunites for self-reflection and document accomplishments and challenges; provide consistency in the evaluation experience across CMSD.

    For information reagrading what evaluation system applies to you, please see below: 


    All administrative employees who are not in a collective bargaining unit or union, or licensed school-based administrators. Note that Deans of Engagement are evaluated using their own rubric in the TDES portal.


    All classified employees subject to collective bargaining units.


    All teachers and members of CTU-279, including related service providers and paraprofessionals.

    OPES 2.0

    Principals and Assistant Principals.


    If you have questions about which evaluation model is appropriate for your position, please email talentimpact@clevelandmetroschools.org

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