• Compensation

    To support our school strategy, the Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD) must attract, recognize, and retain highly-qualified staff who will have a positive impact on teaching, learning and student achievement—either directly in schools and classrooms, or indirectly through support of principals, teachers, families and students. We define Total Compensation as encompassing monetary compensation, benefits, workplace sustainability practices (e.g. vacation), recognition, development and career mobility opportunities, inspirational mission orientation and positive work culture. The principles of our compensation policy include:           



    Given variation in roles and responsibilities, the District uses a consistent set of factors and processes to make total compensation decisions for each non-union employee.


    We regularly provide transparent information so that employees understand what drives individual total compensation, what changes (if any) they can expect and what role they play (if any) in executing compensation processes.


    We celebrate and recognize high-quality contributions of employees as well as the long-term commitment many make to our mission.


    We are prepared to adapt to market changes and to changing needs of a portfolio school district, and the District is committed to ongoing review and improvement of its structures and processes.


    We enable responsible stewardship of District resources by considering long-term budgetary impact of each compensation decision.