• Who to Contact in the Talent Department

    Chief Talent Officer Lori Ward  
    Executive Assistant Gala Copez


    Employee Benefits, Enrollment, Changes Gracie Lockhart  216.838.0071


    Employment Contracts and Compensation
    CTU Deborah Boyd/Amanda Artbauer  216.838.0049
    Differentials, Central Office & Administration Ann Niklas  216.838.0056
    All other bargaining units Eden Seay  216.838.4973
    General Inquiries Amanda Artbauer  216.838.0062


    Employee Relations
    ADA, Fit for Duty, Attendance Jamie Parker 216.838.0042
    General Inquiries


    Employment Verification
    Online Employment Verifications TheWorkNumber.com Company Code 10498
    Loan Forgiveness, Employment Verifications and Personnel File 216.838.0048 


    Leave of Absence
    Leave of Absence Specialist Samantha Walker 216.838.0054


    New Hires
    Onboarding & New Educator Orientation Andre Patton 216.838.0072


    Performance Evaluation
    General Evaluation Related Questions Heather Grant 216.838.0172
    TDES  216.838.0061


    Professional Development
    PD System and Training Design Jacquinette Brown, Ed.D 216.838.4984
    ODE Licensing
    EPC Room Reservations Rachell Hill  216.838.2982
    CEU Transcripts Leondrea Clark  216.838.2983
    Resident Educator Program Debbie Paden 216.287.9975
    Peer Assistance and Review (PAR) Gloria Doering 216.496.6364


    School-Based Staffing
    Related Service Providers
    Network: HS #1
    Michael Herstek/Brionne Stantz
    Network: HS #2
    Network: K-8 #1
    Deedra Thompson/Christopher Osoloin
    Network: K-8 #2
    Christopher Osolin  216.838.0058
    Network: K-8 #3
    Network: K-8 #4


    Recruiting Angela Wolfe 216.838.2993
    Gabriel Pewu
    Central Office and Support Staff
    Marsalis Hammond
    Operations, Facilities, Transportation, Food Service, I.T., Safety & Security


    Substitute Coordinator Diane Hlavaty 216.838.0077


    Workday Support
    Changes in Organization Reporting Structure Nuha Hamad 216.838.4974


    Time Entry, Retirement Benefits and Pay
    Payroll Department   216.838.4PAY (4729)