• We’re glad you’re here!

    We are here to help CMSD students – including your child – stay safe! We respect the parent-child relationship and acknowledge that parents and guardians are the primary sexuality educators of their children. We are committed to supporting you in this role.


    We encourage students to talk to parents about responsible sexual behaviors and offer support for parents in this communication. We provide quality information and support for parents by providing information and resources to help inform and encourage students to practice safe, healthy and responsible sexual behavior, now and throughout their lives.

    RSBD respects the rights and dignity of all CMSD students and parents, regardless of race, gender, heritage, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, income, lifestyle or any other dimension of diversity.

    There are many trusted youth-friendly healthcare services in our communities and many are low-cost or no-cost.

    Parents and guardians of students are encouraged to learn more about our sexual health education programs and we welcome parent engagement in our activities. Please contact us if we can be of assistance or if you would like to get more involved.