Grade Report One of the First Quarter: Due November 1, 2019

    Below are the Oversized Class forms for Grade Report One of the First Quarter. With the Workday transition, please note these forms now require employees to use their Employee ID number. Employee ID number can be found under the barcode on your badge and/or next to your name in Workday. 

    Teachers are responsible for completing and submitting a form and attaching all necessary documentation to support each overage (e.g., Interim summaries in eSchoolPLUS and report card summaries in eSchoolPlus). The form must be signed by the employee submitting, the school principal, and the chapter chair as noted on the forms. The school code is now required on all forms. School code can be found below.

    All forms and documentation MUST BE scanned and attached in an email to Ann Niklas (ann.niklas@clevelandmetroschools.org). Forms MUST BE submitted through your District email account. E-mails that do not contain all appropriate forms and files together or do not come from a district e-mail account will not be considered. Printed and faxed copies will be returned unprocessed. Incomplete rosters will be returned to the employee with a notification for correction. E-mails will not be collected after the deadline of November 1st, 2019.

    Do not print out multiple copies of the same form for future marking periods. You must use the form that corresponds to the correct marking period and dates that are located at the top of the form. This page will be updated before each marking period with the new forms. Past forms will remain on this page until the next school year begins.

    If you do not know what your limitation is, you can refer to the document below or refer to the Collective Bargaining Agreement in Article 10 Section 1. If you do not know how much is paid, also refer to Article 10 Section 1.

    Confirmation will be provided once your documentation has been received. If you send in documentation and do not receive confirmation from Ann Niklas within 48 hours, please contact her.

    Compensation for Class Size Overages will be paid on or before July 15th, 2020.

    The Talent Department appreciates all you do to ensure the timely and accurate compensation of the district’s employees. Any questions or concerns should be addressed to the FAQ document attached or to Ann Niklas through the email listed below. We look forward to working with you to ensure a smooth transition of this process!


    Cleveland Metropolitan School District
    Talent Department 
    Attn: Ann Niklas