• Assistant Principal Preparation Program

    The purpose of the Assistant Principal Preparation Program will be to provide targeted leadership development for our currently employed, school-based Teachers, Model Lead Teachers and Curriculum Instructional Specialists to prepare them for the role of an Assistant Principal in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District.

    Eligibility Requirements

    1) Two years of full time teaching experience.

    2) Must be in a full-time Teaching position, Model Lead Teacher or Curriculum Instructional Specialist positions in CMSD with a current 5-year teaching certificate.

    3) Two years of successful summative teaching evaluations and the recommendation/support of current school Principal.

    4) Passing a competitive application and interview process.


    All aspects of the program are aligned to the CMSD Leadership Performance Standards Matrix


    CMSD Leadership Performance Standards

    Standard 1: Personal Behavior

    Standard 2: Resilience

    Standard 3: Communication

    Standard 4: Equitable Practice

    Standard 5: Student Performance

    Standard 6: Strategic & Situational Problem Solving

    Standard 7: Climate & Culture

    Standard 8: Personal & Professional Learning

    Standard 9: Supervision of non-instructional staff

    Standard 10: Time/Task/Project Management

    Assistant Principal Preparation Program Cohort members and Assistant Principal Preparation team members complete end of the year evaluations based on candidates’ progress and readiness for an Assistant Principal position.


    Professional Readings

    Independent and small group reading activities are designed to develop and enhance leadership skills and create a cohort of working peers who share experiences and best practices.


    Cohort Sessions

    Participants are required to attend all monthly 1-day meetings. In-class and independent course topics are presented by experienced District specialists and school-based administrators.



    All Assistant Principal Program participants interact in a Professional Learning Community with an experienced Administrative Mentor for shadowing experiences, feedback, practice interviews and support.



    portfolio Strategy

    CMSD is Investing in Educators

    • Investing in teacher/educator-led communities of practice, using in-person and digital synchronous and asynchronous technologies
    • Investing in Innovative Learning Accelerator projects which serve as an opportunity to harvest and learn the great innovations from our teachers and other educators
    • Investing in Teacher Leaders in Language Arts and Mathematics Instruction
    • Investing in School-based and District-based leadership supports
    • launching Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Training, including a customized module for Cleveland and a post-training action planning module


    Program Structure

    • Program onboarding-Summer orientation meetings (2 days)
    • Yearlong Residency @ current school site
    • Monthly 1-day sessions

    Program Assessments

    • Journal Assignments
    • Progress Monitoring
    • Teacher Observations
    • Facilitating Adult Learning
    • Observations & Feedback
    • End of year exit presentation

    Program Completion Expectations

    • Mastery of job-embedded competencies aligned to the CMSD Leadership Performance Standards
    • Timely submission of all coursework at a mastery level
    • Successful exit presentation and interview
    • Recommendation of site Principal and Assistant Principal Preparation Program staff



    Areas of focus include but are not limited to:

    • CMSD Strategic Priorities: Profile of a Graduate, Equity & Inclusion, Blended Learning, Performance Matters
    • Post-pandemic vision: Leading in person & remote instruction
    • Coaching Teachers: High Impact Feedback and Listening
    • PBIS and Discipline Management Policies and Procedures
    • Evaluation Systems: TDES, CRESS, PD&E
    • Cultivating and Sustaining Relationships (working with your staff, CTU Chair & Central Office personnel)
    • SPED and 504 Guidelines and Procedures
    • Self-Care
    • Data Informed Decision-Making
    • Budget & Finance
    • Scheduling
    • SEL/SST
    • Parent & Community Engagement
    • Time Management/Prioritizing
    • Interviewing Tips and Practice



    Assistant Principal Preparation Program
    1. Participation in the Assistant Principal Preparation Program does not guarantee a school leader Assistant Principal position.
    2. Compensation is not provided for participation in the program.


    Contact Information

    Tianna Ferguson
    Educator: Principal Coach
    East Professional Development Center
    1349 East 79th Street
    Cleveland, Ohio 44103
    216-838-6991 - Office