• KA: Community Engagement and Partnerships


    The District ensures effective school-community engagement and partnerships and allocates resources and tools that encourage authentic engagement of schools, families, and the community in decision-making and policy. The Chief Engagement Officer oversees school-community engagement.


    The District recognizes that partnerships are vital to enriching academic experiences. Therefore, the District values collaborative partnerships with community agencies, faith-based organizations, foundations, government, and private sector companies that support scholars’ success.


    School-community engagement utilizes the following procedures and guidelines:

    • School leaders conduct and identify needs and work with the Chief Engagement Office or other appropriate departments to match schools with faith-based partners, community organizations, or agencies that can best meet the school’s needs.
    • Community partners work with District staff to identify resources that match District opportunities and complete all required training and processes before working with schools.
    • The District provides partners with tools, supports, and training to increase the effectiveness of their collaboration and programs.
    • Schools provide information regarding opportunities and accomplishments using the District website, newsletters, social media, and other methods.
    • Community stakeholders, parents and caregivers, and residents can volunteer in schools after completing all required training and processes.


    The Chief Executive Officer annually issues a report to the residents of the District in addition to ongoing public awareness efforts by the District. In addition, the District provides community stakeholders, partners, parents and caregivers, and residents opportunities for dialogue such as meetings, forums, focus groups, and surveys. Also, the District annually distributes the name and contact information of the District ombudspersons and other District employees who are sources of information for families and community members.


    • Adopted: September 6, 2001
    • Amended: January 25, 2022

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