• KL: Community Feedback and Complaints



    General Community Feedback and Complaints

    Individuals should handle complaints as close to their source as possible. When appropriate, individuals should allow school personnel to resolve problems before bringing them to the Ombudsperson or District staff. Complaints, whenever possible, should be brought to individuals in the following order:

    1. School personnel
    2. Principal
    3. Network Leader
    4. Ombudsperson
    5. District Chief Executive Officer/School Board


    If the Board receives the original complaint, the resolving party shares a resolution report with the Board.


    Community Feedback and Complaints about Curriculum

    The Board recognizes and respects the right of students to free access to many different types of books and materials and the right of the District’s professional staff to select materials consistent with the Board’s educational philosophy and goals. However, the Board has final responsibility for selecting and purchasing all instructional materials made available to students.


    If a parent requests that their child not read a particular book, the teacher and principal should appropriately resolve the issue. The resolution may include arranging for the child read an alternate book that meets a similar instructional purpose.


    The Board does not permit any individual or group to censor instructional materials and library collections. However, the Board may re-evaluate materials for withdrawal through the following process:

    1. The complaining party submits a signed complaint stating their objection to the material to the principal.
    2. The principal forwards the complaint to the Chief Academic Officer, who may choose to convene a review committee.
    3. The Chief Academic Officer reviews the complaint and committee’s recommendation and decides on the matter.


    The complaining party may appeal the decision to the Board if not satisfied. The Board may decide whether or not to hear the complaint. When considering complaints about library collections, Board members may not let their social or political tastes be the sole factor in their decision-making.  


    Community Feedback and Complaints about District Personnel

    If the Board receives a formal, written, and signed complaint regarding a District employee, the Board will assign the complaint to the Chief Executive Officer for review and, if warranted, an investigation by an appropriate supervisor or another District administrator.


    The complaining party may appeal the decision to the Board if not satisfied. The Board may decide whether or not to hear the complaint.



    • Adopted: October 4, 2001
    • Amended: June 28, 2022


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