• KG: Community Use of District Facilities



    Community use of district facilities must not interfere with the regular educational purposes, impose a burden upon personnel, or strain the funds allotted for building services and maintenance.



    The use of facilities for non-District activities is by permit only. Permit applications are available from a school or the District’s website. The permit application includes:

    • Application for outside rental of District facilities
    • Affidavit for the use of District property (must be notarized)
    • Indemnity and insurance clause
    • Certificate of liability insurance
    • Alternate payment proposal


    Permit applications may be submitted for one-time or recurring events. In addition, permit applications may be submitted for events during the school day if approved by the school leader.


    Permit applications must be returned to the District no less than six weeks before the requested date(s) and approved by the Chief Operating Officer or designee. Following the approval of a permit, the Chief Operating Officer or designee will send the authorization to other impacted District offices.


    Special Equipment

    The permit application must note the request for special equipment such as projectors, pianos, public address systems, scoreboard controls, or other equipment belonging to a school. The use of kitchen equipment is not permitted unless contracted through the Department of School Nutrition.


    Fundraising Activities

    Facilities cannot be used for commercial or personal financial gain. Facilities cannot be used for any fundraising activity unless the proceeds are for charitable, educational, character-building, or other community welfare purposes. Exceptions for commercial activities (i.e., filming for a movie) are made at the discretion of the Chief Executive Officer and are not subject to appeal.


    Permit Fees

    The use of facilities shall be subject to an assessment of a permit fee (unless exempted by statute). The permit fee corresponds to a fee schedule reflecting actual costs to the District for custodial and utility expenses and other costs and expenses (For example, security wages, snow removal, and additional costs). Partners must pay for permit fees by business check or money order in the total amount of the permit fee assessed before the event or beginning of a recurring event. If a cost is incurred during the event (For example, snow removal, repair, or another expense), this cost will be assessed after the event and must be paid within 30 days.


    Alternate Payment Proposals

    The District may accept the provision of tangible goods and services to the District as in-kind payment of permit fees. A group must provide an alternate payment proposal for the amount of the permit fees through the provision of tangible goods or services, which does all of the following:

    • Identifies and describes the specific tangible goods or services
    • States the fair market value of the tangible goods and services and explains the basis for how fair market value was determined
    • Identifies the date by when they will provide such tangible goods or services


    Approval of alternate payment proposals is at the discretion of the Chief Operating Officer. In determining whether to approve the alternative payment proposal, no consideration shall be given to the purpose for the group’s intended use of the District’s facilities or the nature or content of the group’s activities, speech, mission, goals, purpose, or viewpoint.


    If an alternate payment proposal is not approved, a group may appeal to the Chief Executive Officer within 14 days of receiving the written notice of disapproval. The decision of the Chief Executive Officer is final.


    No District teacher, staff member, or administrator other than those specified in this policy shall have authority to approve or disapprove an alternative payment proposal.


    Policies and Guidelines

    All District facilities are weapons, alcohol, and tobacco-free. All approved permits must adhere to all Board policies.


    When school is closed because of snow or another calamity, all activities scheduled for that date are canceled or postponed.


    • Adopted: October 4, 2001
    • Amended: April 28, 2015; February 22, 2022

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