• Grades 7 and 8 Fact Sheet

    Making Proud Choices

    • Six lessons on the following topics
    • Male and female anatomy and reproduction.
    • Feelings, Fears, and Frustrations
    • STD Facts
    • Myths and Facts About Pregnancy
    • Sexual Coercion/Acquaintance Rape
    • Refusal/Negotiation Skills

    National Health Education Performance Indicators

    • Identify the body systems and describe their functions.
    • Describe effective communication skills and ways to deal
      with peer pressure.
    • Identify sources, symptoms, and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases. Distinguish between effective techniques to avoid
      spreading HIV and AIDS.
    • Explain how someone becomes pregnant and identify ways to tell if
      you are pregnant.
    • Demonstrate refusal and negotiation skills to avoid or reduce
      health risks.