• Grades 9 - 12 Fact Sheet

    Safer Choices

    • Six lessons on the following topics
    • Increase knowledge of HIV and other STD
    • Promote more positive attitudes about choosing not to have sex and using condoms if having sex
    • Increase students’ belief in their ability to refuse sexual intercourse or unprotected sexual intercourse, use a condom, and communicate about safer sexual practices
    • Decrease perceived barriers to condom use
    • Increase awareness of sexual coercion and acquaintance rape
    • Align students’ perceptions of risk for HIV and other STD based on their risk behavior

    National Health Education Performance Indicators for Grades 9-12

    Component 2- Community/Environmental Health

    • Discuss your relationship to and responsibility in the community, including enhancing personal health
    • Distinguish agencies that can come to the aid of individuals in need

    Component 3- Disease and Disorders

    • Review the various pathogens and the functions of the immune system
    • Distinguish between effective techniques to avoid spreading HIV and AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases including abstinence and effective, consistent condom use

    Component 4- Family/Social Life

    • Discover how responsible sexual behaviors can impact lives positively
    • Explore the information on STD’s, HIV, and AIDS, the prevention, the methods of transmission and the progression of the diseases
    • Demonstrate refusal, negotiation and collaboration skills to enhance health and avoid or reduce health risks
    • Discuss what choices an individual has in preventing pregnancy and reducing the risk of STD’s and HIV (ex. Abstinence and effective condom use)