• Parent Mentor Program

    Vision Statement

    The vision of the Parent Mentor Program is to help parents of children with disabilities effectively navigate the educational system through a partnership with districts to support the child in reaching their maximum potential.

    Mission Statement

    The Mission of the Parent Mentor Program is to encourage effective implementation of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA97) and other federal and state statutes. The mission will be accomplished by providing information and support to families and by creating a mechanism to convey the family perspective back to the system.

    Students are provided special education programs and services based upon:

    • Results of a Multi-factored Evaluation
    • Meeting eligibility requirements

    As the District strives to provide quality services to the students with special needs, teachers and administrators continue to view parent participation as a critical element in creating productive educational environments. Consistent with this mindset, the Division of Special Education expands its services to enhance communication among families, teachers, and the community, via the Parent Mentor Program. Parent Mentors assist parents in understanding their rights, and the services available through the Division of Special Education.

    Parent Mentors

    • Serve as advocates for parents of special needs children.
    • Assist parents in preparing to be significant contributors at Individualized Education Program (IEP) Conferences.
    • Participate in IEP Conferences, upon request.
    • Describe and explain rules and policies of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District as they relate to Special Education.
    • Ensure that parents are aware of the types of Special Education programs available to students.

    Contact Us:

    Raychelle Fair
    Parent Mentor

    Saundra Jordan
    Parent Mentor