• Home Instruction

    The goal of the Home Instruction Program coincides with the Chief Executive Officer’s Strategic Goal to “Deliver the types of services and educational opportunities that will meet the academic needs of students and their families.” In some instances, a student’s educational progress may be interrupted due to unique circumstances. In such circumstances, Home Instruction (homebound services) may temporarily assist the student’s progress toward educational goals without interruption from a temporary condition. However, students must meet very specific criteria in order to qualify for services.

    Home Instruction is not the same as Home Schooling by parent choice.  For more information on Home Schooling, click here.


    Program Objectives

    • To tailor teaching to the needs of students eligible for Home Instruction
    • To help students maintain their academic progress while out of school


    For Whom?

    Pupils with a disability, which may prevent them from attending a regular or special education program even with the aid of special transportation, may qualify for services. Some identifying characteristics are:

    • A severe orthopedic or health impairment
    • Temporary physical condition
    • Severe behavior disability
    • Other severe disabling condition, which may adversely affect a student’s educational performance

    Eligibility Requirements

    • Legal school age
    • Medical evaluation (application) by physician
    • Capability of profiting from instruction as determined by school professional staff


    Program Structure

    One hour of Home Instruction shall be provided for each day the child is unable to attend school, except for holidays, professional days and snow days.

    Home Instruction is individualized instruction provided for students who are unable to attend school.


    Teacher Responsibilities

    • Provide instruction for students unable to attend school
    • Administer any standardized testing mandated by the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) for students physically unable to report to home school
    • Contact home school guidance counselor or principals for assignments and books
    • Develop an Individualized Education Program (IEP)
    • Provide periodic reports and grades on the student’s progress in a manner consistent with reporting practices of the District
    • Coordinate the successful return of the child to the regular or special education programs with school personnel


    Teacher Qualification

    Shall hold an Ohio teacher’s certificate


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