• Welcome Parents and Families

    You are very important to us and to your child’s development. Once the students leave the classroom, it is you who continues to help encourage and support the child in the learning process. Children in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District can only achieve the success they deserve with the help of concerned and dedicated support.

    student The administrative offices of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District are the support systems to the schools. Our building, at 1111 Superior Ave E, houses departments that include School Development, Education & Budget, Academic Affairs, Operations, Program Development, Student & Family Support Services, District Communications and Human Resources.

    Some administrative offices are housed at other locations including Jane Addams Business and Careers Center,  Cleveland Skills, Careers Center and the East Professional Center.

    Be a Parent Ambassador

    CMSD is hiring Parent Ambassadors to support all our schools this year.

    This position is part time (10 to 15 hours a week), you must be a parent or legal guardian of a child currently enrolled at Cleveland Metropolitan School District and it pays $15 an hour!!

    To learn more about the important role of a Parent Ambassador read this story:
    bit.ly/3supdpf .

    Apply on the ESC website.


    Parent Teacher Conferences

    Parents should check with their child's school for the conference schedule.

    Parent-teacher conferences are scheduled in all schools.
    This is a good time to find out:

    • what your child is doing well in, and what they need help with,
    • how your child gets along with others,
    • information on school policies or rules,
    • what you can do at home to help... and much more.

    But you can schedule a conference with your child's teacher at any time during the school year. If you would like to talk to a teacher, send a note or call the school office.



    Naviance Succeed is a fully integrated solution designed to help raise student accountability and performance across a number of key indicators leading to increased engagement, improvements in academic performance and overall workplace and college readiness.



    Minor children are subject to Curfew Enforcement and will be picked up by the City of Cleveland police if they are out beyond the curfew time set for their age group.
    605.14 Minor Night Curfew

    12 years & under – Darkness until Dawn 
    13 to 14 years – 9:30 p.m. until 5 a.m. 
    15 to 16 years – 11 p.m. until 5 a.m. 
    17 years – Midnight until 5 a.m. 
    ... unless accompanied by a responsible adult over 21 years or family member 18 years or older.
    Fines of up to $150 plus court costs will be issued to parents for curfew violation. 

    605.141 Minor Daytime Curfew on School Days

    6 to 17 years – 10 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. 
    ... unless accompanied by a responsible adult over 21 years or student possesses an authorized note from school. 
    Fines of up to $150 plus court costs will be issued to parents for curfew violation.

    Emergency Information

    Sometimes emergencies or unexpected situations occur. When this happens, the District must locate a child’s parent or another adult who can care for the child. Emergency information is very important if a child is injured or gets sick, or if the school must close early due to an emergency or weather conditions.

    An Emergency Information Form is part of the Student Information Packet. Parents/guardians should complete the form accurately and return it to the child’s school. Changes in information should be shared with the school as soon as possible.

    Responsible Sexual Behavior Initiative

    The Cleveland Metropolitan School District has become one of the nation's trailblazers for comprehensive sexuality education, including pregnancy and disease prevention with the creation of its Responsible Sexual Behavior Program.

    Below are web resource links that will help you prepare and discuss this important issue with your school age children.

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