• Health and Physical Education

  • The health and physical education curriculum is based on the foundation that the knowledge and skills acquired from the curriculum will benefit students throughout their lives while thriving to acquire physical and health literacy and to develop the comprehension, capacity, and commitment needed to lead and promote healthy, active living.

    Students will develop:

    • the living skills needed to develop resilience and a secure identity and sense of self, through opportunities to learn adaptive, management, and coping skills, to practice communication skills, to learn how to build relationships and interact positively with others, and to learn how to use critical and creative thinking processes
    • the skills and knowledge that will enable them to enjoy being active and healthy throughout their lives, through opportunities to participate regularly and safely in physical activity and to learn how to develop and improve their own personal fitness;
    • the movement competence needed to participate in a range of physical activities, through opportunities to develop movement skills and to apply movement concepts and strategies in games, sports, dance, and other physical activities;
    • an understanding of the factors that contribute to healthy development, a sense of personal responsibility for lifelong health, and an understanding of how living healthy, active lives is connected with the world around them and the health of others.

    Educator Resources


    Desiree Powell
    Executive Director of Interscholastic Athletics, Student Activities, Health & Physical Education
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