• Background Check Information

    Current employees may check their status through their Educator Profile on Ohio Department of Education's website.

    If you would like to request a copy of a previously completed background check from your employee file, contact Andre Patton  or via phone at 216-838-0072.


    Please send all licensure inquiries to Licensing@clevelandmetroschools.org or contact our CMSD Licensure Coordinator, Terresa Franklin, at 216-838-0099.

    Please note that effective as of  January 1, 2014, the Ohio Department of Education no longer processes paper applications of any
    kind. All license application must be done online at the ODE website.
    Go to the "How Do I?" tab on the Ohio Department of Education's Website for instructions on how to:

      • Renew your license
      • Check on the status of your license
      • Apply for a new license

    If you are having difficulty with the ODE's online application process, please contact them directly at
    877-664-6338 for assistance.  CMSD cannot provide assistance with the ODE online application.


    IPDP information:

    Employment Verification


    • Employment and Income Verifications should be directed to The Work Number. The Work Number can be accessed via phone at 1-800-367-5690 or online via www.theworknumber.com. Reference the Cleveland Metropolitan School District identification number which is 10298.
    • Garnishments (Payroll) and "Back Service" (Summer Youth Employment or Retirement credit) can be directed to  Benjamin Steele or via phone at 216-838-0358.
    • Loan Forgiveness inquiries should be directed to Lucitta Cummings or via phone at 216-838-0048.

    Teacher Contract/Compensation information:

      •  For inquiries related to teacher contracts and compensation, please contact the Compensation Department via email.