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School Breakfast = Better Students

Fuel Up to Play 60  

School Breakfast = Better Students

Breakfast is crucial, but tens of thousands of children in Cleveland aren’t eating this important meal. Research shows that healthy students are better students; however, too many kids are showing up to school hungry and unprepared to learn. In an effort to increase access to breakfast for all students, the American Dairy Association Mideast and the Cleveland Browns, through Fuel Up to Play 60, are encouraging kids to eat breakfast at school every day.

This school year the Brown’s Mascot Chomps visited several schools in the Cleveland area to reward teachers and administrators for their student engagement projects that encouraged students to start their day right with school breakfast.

One of Chomp’s favorite breakfast stops was the “Shark’s Den” at Adlia Stevenson School. The Shark’s Den was created by PE teacher, Laura Kittle and her students as a breakfast hang-out area for the upper classman. Each morning the sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students mingle around tall tables in the main hall. “I like that we are able to stand, and not sit, and socialize with friends. And the variety foods is better,” said Devin M. 8th grader.

Mark Kay Auger, CMSD’s Operations/POS Manager made arrangements with the school to have a cafeteria staff member, Mrs. Bullard, manage the Shark’s Den’s grab and go breakfast. Each morning a cooler of milk and a table of school breakfast foods are brought out to the area. “I notice more and more kids coming in the morning to eat breakfast here, they like it” said Mrs. Bullard.


Funds to purchase the high tables, the movie queue ropes and breakfast incentives that encourage all Adlia Stevenson kids to eat breakfast were funded by a Fuel Up To Play 60 grant. To request a breakfast grant for your school contact Jan Diamond, School Marketing Manager, American Dairy Association Mideast,, mobile (614) 602-9444.

Students at Breakfast Shark
Roped off Breakfast Area