• PD&E

    The Performance Development and Evaluation System (PD&E) is the process by which non-bargaining CMSD staff are supported and held accountable. PD&E will help all employees to more positively impact students and families in Cleveland by developing and supporting employees to do their best work.

    PD&E is designed to enable:
    • Alignment of individual and district goals and priorities;
    • Effective, regular feedback;
    • Differentiated employee support based on performance; and
    • Consistency in the development and evaluation experience across the district.

    The ultimate goal is that every member of the CMSD staff meaningfully contributes to a culture where staff are supported, recognized, and challenged to best serve principals, teachers, families and students to have our biggest collective impact on student achievement.

    If you have questionsregarding PD&E please contact:

    Cleveland Metropolitan School District
    Talent Department