• Parent Leadership Organizations

    The Cleveland Metropolitan School District is committed to strong parent/school partnerships and the development and training of parent leaders through parent organizations in our schools. Schools have the autonomy to determine which kind of organization meets the needs of its parents and educators to support academic learning and create a positive school culture. Schools can choose to have a (SPO) School Parent Organization or (PAC) Parent Advisory Committee which give voice to parent concerns, ideas and engagement in authentic and meaningful ways.

    School Parent Organization (SPO)

    The primary role for parents and guardians in each SPO is to support the academic achievement of all scholars. The SPO encourages and supports parent engagement in a variety of ways, including helping to plan workshops and programs that are aligned with school improvement goals and the Academic Achievement Plan, serving on the Academic Achievement Plan Team, and assisting with the development of the School Family Engagement policy. 
    SPO members can also volunteer at schools, help develop effective two-way school-parent communication, plan fundraising activities to support student events, and collaborate with the community.
    A parent or custodial caregiver is a member of the school's SPO by virtue of having a scholar enrolled in any public school in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District.
    SPO officers are required to be parents or legal guardians of scholars.  There are no fees or dues to be an active member.

    Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) 

    The School Parent Advisory Committee’s role is to provide advice and assistance to school administrators and educators related to the Academic Achievement Plan, programs, activities, resources and services in order to help the school attain its goal of providing each child with the best education possible. Committee may:
    • Assist by providing input on the educational priorities of the school based on achievement data
    • Offer advice on a variety of school issues (school climate, social-emotional learning, Title I, special education, ELL, attendance, extracurricular activities, etc.)
    • Promote and encourage parent and community participation in the school
    • Provide volunteers and fund raising activities to enhance the school experience for students
    • Provide a communication link between the school and the community
    • Help identify the concerns of students, parents, and community members and assist in developing solutions
    • Parents or guardians whose children attend the school are eligible to serve as members of the advisory committee
    Contact your local school office to participate in the parent organization at your school or contact:

    Carla Hempstead

    Director, Family and Community Engagement


    phone: 216.278.8705