NOW NOT ON OUR WATCH is a student-centered anti bullying program that is designed to empower students to work to decrease instances of bullying behavior within their schools and communities. The goal of the program is to foster a climate that makes it uncomfortable to engage in bullying behavior by decreasing the number of student bystanders while increasing the number of upstanders. Each K-8 and high school in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District has NOW (Not on Our Watch) student leaders who have been trained to answer the following questions:

    • What is bullying behavior?
    • What are the types of bullyingbehaviors?
    • What are the results of bullyingbehavior?
    • Do I engage in bullying behavior?
    • What can I do to decrease instances of bullying behavior?

    The NOW leaders have learned strategies to assist and support the victims of bullying behavior.

    Now Students

    Sunbeam's 'Be A Buddy - Not A Bully' event.

    Grades participating: 1st-8th

    Engaged students in the core areas of: importance of developing positive Self-Awareness & Self-esteem; consequences of Bullying; how violence affects communities,schools and families; the influence of social media; physical health/well-beingand team building activities for the purpose of teaching respect and the powerof team work.

    Iowa Maple “Not on Our Watch” Monthly Activities

    Not on our watch(NOW) Student Leaders

    • Deangelo Boykins
    • Nijah Holliday
    • Sydney Jones

    November 27- Anti-Bullying Kickoff rally at student’s assembly.

    Month of December-The theme is Anti-Bullying theme door decorating contest (winning class to receive pizza party)

    Month of January-The theme is Putting a freeze on bullying (students will make snowflakes with anti­ bulling massages on them& place around school)

    Month of February -The theme is Send love, not hate project (students will create hearts expressing their appreciation for someone in their school, and post in hallways)

    Month of March-The theme is Four leaf clover anti­bullying shield (students will create four leaf clovers in art class and write down 4 things they can do to stop bullying and post them around the school)

    Month of April-The theme is Putting bullies to bed day (students will be allowed to wear either pajama bottoms or tops to school)

    Month of May-The theme is We're all in this together (there will be an anti-bullying dance)