NOW NOT ON OUR WATCH is a student-centered anti-bullying program that is designed to empower students to work to decrease instances of bullying behavior within their schools and communities. The goal of the program is to foster a climate that makes it uncomfortable to engage in bullying behavior by decreasing the number of student bystanders while increasing the number of upstanders. Each K-8 and high school in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District has NOW (Not on Our Watch) student leaders who have been trained to answer the following questions:

    • What is bullying behavior?
    • What are the types of bullying behaviors?
    • What are the results of bullying behavior?
    • Do I engage in bullying behavior?
    • What can I do to decrease instances of bullying behavior?

    The NOW leaders have learned strategies to assist and support the victims of bullying behavior.

    Now Students


    Sunbeam's 'Be A Buddy - Not A Bully' event.

    Grades participating: 1st-8th

    Engaged students in the core areas of: importance of developing positive Self-Awareness & Self-esteem; consequences of Bullying; how violence affects communities,schools and families; the influence of social media; physical health/well-beingand team building activities for the purpose of teaching respect and the powerof team work.