• Rapid Response Team

    The District Rapid Response process used by CMSD was developed in this District in the early 1990s.  It was created to deal with various school-based crises such as student suicide threats and attempts, grief response, and student victimization.  It is critical that the District has a consistent rapid response procedure that is familiar to all staff and is used in every crisis situation.

    Why does the District use this strategy?  

    Through the research, it was learned that to be considered accountable in the eyes of the law, a simple, reasonable, consistent procedure needed to be developed, taught and implemented throughout the District.  This process has been successful over the past 30 years, dealing with an average of 1,000 reported crises per year while requiring minimal adaptations. It is easy to follow and serves the intended purpose.
    How is the strategy intended to be implemented in schools?
    The staff is asked to follow a few simple directives to secure a responder or to receive consultation regarding the presenting crisis. The method of rapid response is as follows:
    • Remain calm
    • React to all situations in a serious manner.
    • Immediately notify the building administrator
    • Provide continuous, supportive adult supervision for all involved in the situation
    • Keep the student(s) safe, comfortable and at school until you are relieved by a rapid responder or the parent/guardian of the student.
    • Upon receiving the information, the building administrator must:
      • call for emergency services if the situation warrants this action.
      • make every attempt to reach the parent/guardian to advise them and request they report immediately to the school.
      • continue to gather information to facilitate the assessment of the situation
    Once the responder arrives at the school, they will assist the building in creating the plan for that particular crisis.
    Note: This information is provided to make parents and community members aware of how CMSD employees handle crisis situations.