Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies


    The PATHS® Program
    The PATHS® curriculum is a well-researched classroom curriculum model designed toPATHS Adult
    facilitate the social and emotional development of children from Pre-k through grade 5.
    • PATHS® is designed to integrate seamlessly with literacy activities.
    • PATHS® provides skill-building for both students and teachers.
    • PATHS® promotes generalization which will create opportunities to use these skills throughout the day.
    • PATHS® provides students feedback and recognition for performance.
    • PATHS® provides sufficient technical support to teachers.
    • PATHS® can be easily integrated into other academic subjects.
    • PATHS® has a strong parent component to get families involved.


    The PATHS® curriculum helps children develop four types of skills:

    • Friendship –  making friends, keeping friends, good manners
    • Emotional  – talking about feelings, understanding and respecting others’ feelings
    • Self-control  – being able to calm down, being respectful to parents and teachers
    • Problem-solving – recognizing problems and solving them, making good decisions


    PATHS Kid of the Day