• Planning Centers

    The Planning Center is a proactive setting designed to help students solve, develop appropriate school and classroom behaviors, and reduce the need for classroom removal. It can provide social and emotional support, behavioral interventions, and planning and organizational support for academics while the students are supervised.
    The Planning Center is the last stop before a student is removed from the building, and the first stop when a student returns from being suspended or involuntarily transferred from a school. This initial visit may consist of a 15-minute meeting between the PCIA and the student, which is an important part of transitioning students from suspension or as new enrollees to a school. Students will receive support that will help prepare them to return to a cohesive learning environment. If a student continues to experience difficulties, the PCIA may refer the student to the Student Support Team.  
    The Planning Center Instructional Aide (PCIA) assumes the role of a supportive resource to help students improve their conduct; develop their self-esteem; encourage them to achieve and behave positively; and experience a respectful environment with firm behavioral expectations.

    To learn more about the purpose of The Planning Center, view the brochure below! 
  • Who can refer a student to the Planning Center?

  • How long is a student assigned to the Planning Center?