• PD&E Goal Setting 

     Our goal setting process has been refined and now allows employees write goals directly tied to the CEO's goals or the Chiefs' goals (all Chiefs have the same goals this year).  Additionally, all functional goals can be categorized as Strategic (supporting the Central Office Support Plan), Routine (refining job duties), AND (anticipated, necessary, and discrete), or NPS (supporting the Net Promoter Survey scores). The Competency goal section remains unchanged for this year. The competency goal describes how an employee will increase the impact of her or his work (and the functional goals for the year). 

    Employees are requested to write one (1) functional goals and one (1) competency goal.  Managers will discuss their expectations for individual departments. Typically, experienced employees with high-level decision-making responsibilities will have more goals than a newly hired employee.

    All employees are expected to perform the duties of their job descriptions, regardless of the type and number of goals.  That is, performance evaluations are based on individual job duties and the accomplishment of goals. Employees and managers are encouraged to review job descriptions as a starting point for goal setting discussions.  All job descriptions can be found in Workday using the following methods:

    Access a Job Description From the Employee Page

    1.       On the Workday Home Page, select the ‘My Team’ App

    2.       Select the Employee for whom you want to view their job description

    3.       Select ‘Job’ from the left-hand navigation menu

    4.       Select the position title (in blue) to the right of the title ‘Job Profile’


    Access a Job Description by Search

    1.       Type the Position Title in the top Search Bar and hit ‘Enter’

    2.       Within the Search Results, select the job title that has a ‘Job Profile’ designated to the right of the text