• PD&E Mid-year Review

    Mid-year Review is an opportunity to discuss your work thus far this year, from July 1 to the present. All employees evaluated in the PD&E system are expected to have a completed Mid-year Review. Employees and their managers should consider the employee’s progress on goals, or even revise those goals if necessary, but the Mid-year is not just a goal review session.   Together employees and managers should consider how the employee’s work year is going generally. Have unforeseen obstacles arisen? What successes has the employee enjoyed? How is the employee contributing to the work of the District? Employees should take this time to offer feedback to their managers about projects, deadlines, challenges, and opportunities. If an employee is struggling, this is a chance for the manager to offer support, initiate additional training, and document problems and issues with performance.

    Requesting and providing feedback are important parts of the Mid-year process. Feedback can be equested across the organization from peers, direct reports, supervisors and above.  However feedback should only be requested from colleagues who are familiar with your work on a regular basis either as part of routine, strategic, or necessary work. Employees should request feedback from at least one and usually no more than three people.  Managers can request additional feedback as part of an employee's Mid-year review.

    Feedback will be visible to both the manager and the employee being reviewed.  The person requesting feedback will be able to see what you have written about his or her work.

    Feedback should:

    • Focus on the issue not the person
    • Refrain from personal attacks
    • Come from an informed source
    • Inform and improve performance

    Please complete your Mid-year review with your manager by Friday, March 8, 2019. All employees evaluated in PD&E are expected to complete a Mid-year review, including requesting feedback. 


How to Request Feedback

How to Complete your Self Evaluation