• A Brief History of Humanware

    Humanware was born following a school shooting at Success High School.  A 14-year-old student shot and wounded two students and two teachers and then turned the gun on himself.  The initial response was to make everyone safe by installing hardware such as: metal detectors, wands and extra security officers in the buildings.  However, it was recognized that along with the hardware something had to be done to change attitudes and perceptions of the humans.  As a result, Humanware was born to work in conjunction with the hardware to make everyone safe.

    Humanware is the safety strategy that addresses a scholar’s emotional well-being.  It was formally established in 2008 to support implementation of evidence-based Social Emotional Learning (SEL) strategies that will positively affect conditions for learning.  Through the integration of the SEL framework into the educational instruction, all students will be academically and socially equipped to succeed.