• Dean of Engagement

  • Deans of Engagement are evaluated on their own rubric in a system similar to OPES.  This is a modified rubric that is aligned to the job description.  

    A Dean of Engagement has three evaluation events which include a Growth Plan,  a Mid-Year Review and a Summative Review.  Each of these events are completed by their manager for growth and feedback.  The Mid-Year Review and Summative Review both include a self-assessment portion for reflection and input.

    All Events are completed in the Powerschool Perform Portal, otherwise known as the Great Teachers, Great Leaders Portal.  This can be accessed on the TDES website or under the Staff tab on the CMSD main page.

    Dean of Engagement Calendar

    Growth Plan: October 28, 2022

    Mid-Year Review: January 27, 2023

    Summative Review: May 5, 2023