• The PATHS® program in the Cleveland Metropolitan Schools



    (you will need to drag the timeline slider to get to the chapter, the video will have to pre-load enough for you to advance)
    PATHS Kid for the Day 0:00:00
    Turtle and Problem Solving in Kindergarten 0:03:49
    Teaching Turtle 0:06:55
    Planning Center Instructional Aide 0:09:04
    Upper Grade Lesson with Academic Integration 0:16:30
    Third Grade PATHS Kid for the Day 0:27:12
    Eleven Step Problem Solving Chart 0:28:37
    Tying Biographies to Academic Areas 0:30:37
    Class Project to Help Make Schools a Better Place 0:36:34
    What Can We Do 0:38:59
    Cooperative Learning 0:42:58
    Feeling Faces and Role Plays 0:44:53
    PATHS Novel Studies 0:46:20
    Student Interviews 0:47:35
    Teacher Interviews 0:50:40
    Principal Interviews 1:02:39