• Quality Standards


    Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD) uses the term "Humanware/SEL" to identify strategies that will support its efforts to become a premier school district. Humanware/SEL addresses the conditions for learning, so that every student is academically, behaviorally and socially equipped to succeed. Humanware/SEL uses evidence-based and best practices to ensure that all human resources in a child's school, family and community function together so that students are learning in safe, foundation in the conditions for learning for all students.

    • Standard I Philosophy and Structure - Humanware/SEL adheres to a philosophy and structure that ensures delivery of effective multi-disciplinary services to students and enhances conditions for learning.
    • Standard II Education, Certification and Licensure - Humanware/SEL services are delivered and administered by qualified staff who understand education, instruction and child development.
    • Standard III Evidence-Based Practice/Best Practice - Humanware/SEL utilizes culturally and linguistically competent evidence-based practices that reflect research-based standards of educational, preventive and clinical practice. Humanware/SEL also supports best practices that have demonstrated positive outcomes in multiple settings over time.
    • Standard IV Continuous Quality Improvement - All services and programs must be monitored to ensure their fidelity and compliance with CMSD quality standards
    • Standard V Fiscal Resource Management - In collaboration with partners, CMSD leadership acquires, allocates and utilizes resources following its fiscal requirements.
    • Standard VI Collaboration - All CMSD and partner staff collaborate with students, families, school staff and others to promote optimum outcomes. Cooperation and partnering with others is necessary to bring about positive outcomes for students.
    • Standard VII Legal Compliance - All providers must abide by relevant local, state and federal laws regarding service delivery.
    • Standard VIII Ethics - All providers and provider agencies must comply with their appropriate codes of ethics and the ethical protections for children and families as defined by CMSD.

    Each Standard includes an introductory description and related criteria for assessing whether a provider fulfills the standard. All criteria pertain to the services that CMSD and community organizations provide to students.