• Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the Humanware conditions for learning?

    Utilizing a set of four research-proven components, optimal conditions for learning for CMSD students are:

    1. A caring environment where students are connected to others in learning;
    2. social-emotional instruction, promotion, and support;
    3. positive behavioral supports, and
    4. engaged instruction, using high academic standards and inclusive supports for all.


    What types of support do CMSD schools have to implement Humanware?

    Leadership Teams manage resources to address the conditions for learning in each school. Academic Achievement Plans include evidence-based practices that schools will implement with District support.

    What are Quality Standards?

    Quality Standards are authoritative statements that CMSD uses to identify the areas for which its practitioners and service providers are held accountable. These quality standards reflect the values and priorities of CMSD initiatives and the goals and strategies of CMSD’s strategic plan for school reform.

    Who can participate on a Student Support Team?

    Student support teams include an administrator, student support personnel and a classroom teacher. Other participants may include the family of the concerned student, community providers and other school staff, as appropriate.

    What is PATHS?

    The Promoting Alternative THinking Strategies (PATHS) program, adopted in CMSD in November 2009, is a research-based classroom curriculum designed to facilitate the social-emotional development of children from Pre-K through sixth grade in the areas of friendship, emotions, self-control and problem solving.

    How does Humanware address bullying?

    CMSD clearly addresses bullying, harassment and cyber bullying in the Student Code of Conduct. Each year, the Student Code of Conduct book is reviewed and updated. Additionally, Humanware team members provide principals, teachers and parents with bullying-prevention tips.

    With the integration of PATHS for Pre-K through Grade 5, Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and Planning Centers, CMSD employs an integrated, school-wide approach to help students, teachers and parents prevent bullying.

    How does Humanware support CMSD’s Academic Transformation Plan?

    Humanware addresses key conditions for learning and is at the center of CMSD’s efforts to transform educational outcomes for every student. These supports will help ensure all students succeed academically, as well as socially, and prepare them for post-secondary education and the work force.